To future and current contributors! 

We are run independently by myself, Jonathan Petra Kramarsky and editor-in-chief, Misako Yamazaki, outsourcing printing as of our first release. Our pre-release zine is retailing for 10 dollars. We purchased 70 copies for 100 dollars after shipping costs. The 600 in potential profit will directly finance the full release.

“Existence as the End” in its full 32 pages, will be sold for $20 online and in person by the end of October. We promised to distribute the income according to contribution. We will also provide a free copy to each artist. The following are our artists’ contributions!

Jon Petra Kramarsky – 9 pages

Misako Yamazaki – 9 pages

Järin Ficner – 3 pages

Amanda Cobbs – 2 pages

Lillian Wilmington – 2 pages

Carolina Ortiz – 2 pages

Ouroboros The Poser – 1 page

Adela Brito – 1 page

Phoenyx Trotta – 1 page

Evander Banks – 1 page

Sarah Chavez – 1 page

Star PrinceMedia – 1/2 page

Artist ContributionEvery 100 sold
1 page50
2 pages100
3 pages150

We try to resemble more of a cooperative than a standard magazine/zine. The inception of New Rhythm was imagining better ways of going about life and art. Giving our artists ownership of our final zines means they can grow alongside us encouraged by its success. 

Thank you for your patronage and submissions. Please stay tuned for our full release.

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