What’s New Rhythm Utopia?

It is our hope we can feature more art to avalanche inspiration here. If you feel so compelled, please contact us with inspired works of art and literature.

The New Rhythm is not a projected form of utopia. It is not the maximal reach of will. There are no grand toys and gold in every corner. It is not a rigid system that cuts the overgrowth. It is not one over the other by abstraction of culture or value. It is not something to be controlled or managed by anyone.

Folded strata below Allt Wen

The New Rhythm utopia would wrest control from anyone who thinks to have it and entitle ourselves to spirit and body. It doesn’t have an image or form to signal. It doesn’t ask for perfection. It’s not an out-of-body assertion unmatched by broader attention and consent. Its wave nourishes and carries. Bore against the crest and find the undertow listens.

Utopian ideals can focus within each subject. Subjects know where they thrive. Reduced to objects, they fail to sustain themselves. 

Our first call for submissions has already begun!

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