Submission Guidelines

The New Rhythm Zine is happy to host art and literature of present struggle and future hope. Each issue is themed to bring rise to the drive into the future. We reserve One-Time Rights for an accepted submission, so feel free to spread your art and reference our zine too!

The New Rhythm Zine will be printed as a 5.5” x 8.5” portrait. This is the size of a regular paper folded on its longest edge. A typical page of the New Rhythm Zine will incorporate visual and literary art. An artist may submit a completed page or two of the specified aspect ratio as an individual or self-managed partnership. 

Art submissions 

Art should be submitted as a .jpeg image. Inquire through our email if you want to create art for yet unaccompanied poetry or stories. We would love to share previews in order to inspire art that will share pages with writing.

Writing Submissions

Writing should be 500 words or less. We are most interested in poetry and some flash fiction, however, other formats are applicable. Please include your wishes for how your work could be presented in our form. Otherwise, if your work is selected, we will attempt to incorporate art to share the page. Image submissions are appropriate for physically formatted writing; otherwise, please submit in a .pdf or .doc/.docx file type. Handwritten submissions must be on plain, unlined paper with a focus on legibility. A scanned copy would have the most success. 

Your email submission should include:

  • your name and pronouns
  • your submission
  • a paragraph artist profile in the third person (up to 100 words)
  • if your work was previously published and where
  • Your preferred means of paying out your share of profit
  • (optional) where you found out about our zine

Email submissions and/or questions to
In the event of profit, proceeds will be distributed according to contribution.

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