Looking for Contributors

Now taking submissions for Evolved Ends of the Earth, our second issue!
Deadline: February 30th
The New Rhythm

The New Rhythm Zine is seeking art, poetry, and flash literature imagining a better world for ourselves. Utopian art genres like Solarpunk, Trans-humanism, and novel concepts of futuristic utopias are encouraged. The tone for this issue shifts to an eco-centric creative optimism.

In any kind of system, morality plays a vital role in how problems are faced. Some questions you could answer in your submissions might be: what values are reinforced and what has that caused? What might prove worth reverence, and what is aversive? We are especially interested in juxtapositions, what is right, but known as wrong now, and what is wrong, but known as right now.

Letting these play out in characters through storytelling or elements of world building will make a compelling contribution. Submissions and pitches are now welcome! 

Some systems mentioned in our last issue are:

Mass-production, Transportation, Pollution, Resource Depletion, Separating Families, Capitalism, and Governance.

Writers and poets might focus on intimate characters within these systems during or after a change for the better. Short feature writings of potential new systems of organization and life are encouraged too.

Artists are encouraged to submit art along these lines, especially of organic life and futuristic landscapes of civilization. Feel free to ask for a writing sample to take inspiration from!

5.5” x 8.5”, a portrait, will be the aspect ratio of our new issues. This is the size of a regular paper folded on its longest edge.

half fold

Artist Profit Distributions:

Our prerelease of Existence As The End, featuring four of our artists sold thirty-four copies in almost two months of distribution. We used the $240 of profit to print the first 100 copies of the full issue we began selling on October 12th, 2023.

The full 32-page zine, Existence As The End has sold fifteen copies in its first month. For every page of space an artist filled, they will have earned $7.50. During the month of November, our team will be collecting information to get this payment to our artists by the end of the year and implement a monthly profit share disbursement.

Each zine sold at an average profit of $17, for every page of space occupied by an artist’s work, they earn 1/32 of that profit, in this case, that is roughly 50 cents. So for every sale, each artist is entitled 50 cents for every page they made. New Rhythm Zine is looking to organize as a non-profit since we are not interested in retaining ownership stakes. Those interested in helping us, feel free to send us an email at staff@newrhythmzine.com

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash
First Month Profit Share- 

Jonathan Petra Kramarsky – $67 for nine pages

Misako Yamazaki – $67 for nine pages

Projeckt N0whereboard – $22 for three pages

Amanda Cobbs – $15 for two pages

Lillian Wilmington – $15 for two pages

Carolina Ortiz – $19 for two and a half pages

Ouroboros The Poser – $7 for one page

Adela Brito – $7 for one page

Phoenyx – $7 for one page

Sarah Chavez- $7 for one page

Evander Banks – $7 for one page

Star PrinceMedia – $4 for half a page

Looking at our sales, the full release may be losing opportunities to be read due to its price. Starting now, our zine will be on sale everywhere for $15 to maximize reach. In the future, our zines’ form factor will change to an 8.5” x 11” paper folded along its short edge to be more cost-efficient and potentially printed locally.

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