Our mission

We are a literary and art zine exploring divergent perspectives of human existence through art. Featuring poetry, essays, and flash fiction, we are a space for new and marginalized voices to imagine what it means to exist and become, and imagine a New Rhythm in spite of our darkest moments.

Our Plan

The zine’s first calls for submissions have begun!
Our issues will be a short literature and art zine featuring collaborative artists. Between issues, blog content such as artist profiles, essays, and reviews of works in line with our mission are welcome additions to our website. Digital art is also accepted. Feel free to reach out to the staff with any suggestions, feedback, or inquiries: staff@newrhythmzine.com

Our Style and Submissions

The most pressing concern is how resolution comes. How can what has been pulled tight be loosened? How do we respect nature as the garden that gives life? How do we respect others as points of connection to ourselves in each other? How can the vital work of survival and learning be done without excessive violence? The New Rhythm Zine is built by those most aware of these questions.

Divergent experiences and thoughts are encouraged here. We are a space for the current day’s pains and their potential resolutions. Our website will house reviews of other works from this lens of optimal futures while publishing creative explorations of this concept in our paid-for issues.

Our Form of Organization

As of November 2023, we have made a small profit and are sharing profits according to contribution continually. We hope to register as a 5013(c) not-for-profit organization soon. The New Rhythm Zine is a cooperative utopian arts and literature foundation, that sponsors and disseminates creative ideas for humanity’s future.

Our Reason and Inspirations

What differentiates us from utopian literature is the belief in the self-realization of potential within each subject. Each thing has the potential for subjecthood. While classic utopian settings seek to order and systematize humanity, or even more erroneously, nature, The New Rhythm Zine realizes complexity.

The New Rhythm Zine resonates with modern art movements like Solarpunk/Lunarpunk, Post-Modernism, and Marxist theory. We are accordingly hyper-critical of chauvinism, patriarchy, capitalism, racism, colonization, and authoritarianism. Ecosophy, or philosophy regarding ecological balance, informs much of the applications taken seriously. In other words, a Solarpunk future of subordinated nature is counter to the New Rhythm Zine and its goals. Nature is neither a product nor a resource but an individual with a shared experience integral to reality.

New Rhythm Zine Editors:

Jonathan Petra Kramarsky (he/they) is a caretaker, poet, and musician with business and community-building experience. Jonathan is driven to build a space for compassionate, cooperative art. They have a short-term substitute teaching license from the Illinois State Board of Education and will obtain a Bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University in the Spring of 2024.

Misako Yamazaki (she/they) is a poet, mixed media artist, and connoisseur of all things literary. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Religion & Society with a minor in English from Arizona State University in 2022. Their poetry has been featured in Honey & Lime Lit’s online literary blog, Oceans & Time; the anthology Satan Speaks! from Forty-Two Books; ASU’s Canyon Voices and Lux; and Write On, Downtown: A Journal of Phoenix Creativity. A spoken word poet, Misako enjoys performing poetry and attending poetry events. She spends her free time reading, writing, and creating art for creation’s sake.


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